From: OH, United States

Christian/Gospel, Inspirational, Singer/Songwriter

[Verse 1]

I’m standing where I never thought I’d stand

My life is not exactly what I’d planned

Surprised at how You brought me back to life

And how my fears have gone without a fight


Looking back I’m humbled just to see

That You have always been so good to me so…


I surrender all to you

For my freedom is in you

Every beat of my heart

Every burden

Every scar

Take it all

‘Cause this is what I know

You make it something beautiful

[Verse 2]

And I will follow anywhere You lead

Even when I can’t see I’ll believe


That I am here exactly as You planned

No matter what I’m safe here in Your hands so…



Oh what amazing grace

That you would take my place

That you would make a way

And all I have to say is

I surrender all to you

Just as I am, Just as I am