Crystal Antlers is an American band from Long Beach, California.

Early History

The band started as a 3 piece, Kevin Stuart (Drums), Errol Davis (Guitar) and Jonny Bell (Bass/Vocals) in late 2006 in Long Beach, California. Stuart, Davis, and Bell met while attending a music class in High School. Later, the three all worked together as Chimney Sweeps for an eccentric boss who helped them purchase musical equipment in exchange for learning cover songs.

The first single was recorded at Closer Studio in San Francisco and Engineered by Joe Goldring (Enablers/Toiling Midgets/Swans). The single was funded by a small label (Majic Wallet) created by a friend of the band who had recently been released from Federal Prison for multiple counts of bank robbery. The label was named "Majic Wallet" after the money used for the single had been won while betting on a horse race. The A-side of the single was the first song written by the band "Parting Song For The Torn Sky" which was later re-mixed and included on the band's first EP. The B- side featured a cover of Blue Cheer's version of Mose Allison's "Parchment Farm" which had to be included as a condition of the agreement with the label Majic Wallet. A third instrumental song, "Theme for Time" was also recorded during the session but never commercially released.

After the band recorded the first single, Victor Rodriguez-Guerrero joined the band on Organ. Rodriguez was the son of a Mariachi, and a natural musician. The organ had been given to the band by their former boss while working as Chimney Sweeps, and Rodriguez-Guerrero had to learn to play with no prior experience on keys.

In 2007, the band added another addition, Damian Edwards on Percussion. Damian had been a long time friend of the band, as well a the drummer and leader of a side-project called "Black Geisha" which featured Bell (bass/vocals) and Davis (keys). Edwards originally joined the band during their first West Coast tour. He had come along as the tour manager and unexpectedly joined the band on stage while performing in Oakland.

A second single was released in 2007 under the label Backflip, out of Orange, California. The single was produced by Guitarist Michael Belfer of the influencial late 1970's punk/experimental bands The Sleepers and Tuxedomoon and recorded at the legendary, Mama Jo's. The band paid for the sessions by helping to remodel the studio, mainly by pulling nails out of old floorboards for days. The single featured the song "Until The Sun Dies (Part 2)" which was later re-recorded for the EP, backed with "Swamp Song." At the release show for the single, Isaiah "Ikey" Owens performed with the band playing organ.

The band first became well-known in 2008 after self-releasing an EP produced by Isaiah "Ikey" Owens. The group toured heavily behind the release and signed with Touch and Go Records that same year, who re-issued the EP. Touch and Go released their full-length, Tentacles, on April 7, 2009, which is to be the last new release issued by the label.