WXNY-FM is a radio station that broadcasts a Spanish language format. It is licensed to Univision Radio at 96.3 FM, and airs in the New York City metropolitan area. The station has a transmitter atop the Empire State Building.


The station first came on the air on 105.9 FM in 1964 as WHBI, which was originally owned by Hoyt Brothers Inc.. In the 1980s, the station - by then property of Multicultural Radio Broadcasting - went by the call letters WNWK, and aired leased-access ethnic programming.

In 1998, the station, under new ownership, started playing hit Spanish music as "Caliente 105.9" ("Hot 105.9"), with the call letters WCAA. In September 1999, the station changed its moniker to "105.9 Latino Mix" ("105.9 Latin Mix"). In February 2004, the station's owner, Univision Communications bought the 92.7 FM frequency in Garden City, New York which was the home of WLIR-FM and made it a western Long Island simulcast of 105.9 under the call letters WZAA. Some criticized this move because there are sections of the signal of 92.7 which overlap with the weak signal (in relation to other New York City stations) of 105.9.

On May 27, 2005, WCAA adapted a reggaeton format. La Kalle is a fanciful spelling of La Calle, Spanish for "the street."

The station's HD2 station, which it was launched in 2006, aired the original "Caliente/Latino Mix" format (The Tropical music format).

In the summer of 2006, Univision launched the National Affiliates page for its "La Kalle" stations around the United States, the Mini-Page also includes Quick-Links to live audio streams of other La Kalle stations.

Also in mid-2006, the station adopted the slogan "Yo Soy La Kalle!" ("I Am La Kalle!"), Thus Replacing The "Reggaeton y Mas" Slogan From Its Format Change. The New Slogan was Also Part Of A Nationwide Promotional Campaign That Univision Adopted For Most Of Its Other La Kalle Affiliates.

In late December 2006, the station dropped the "Yo Soy La Kalle" slogan for the slogan "El Movimento Latino" (in English, "The Latino Movement".) In February 2007, the La Activaeda Block and SUBELO Midday Mix switched DJs, DJ Kazzanova ran the 5 p.m. mix programming, and station resident DJ, DJ SpinOne, mixed the Midday Mix, however, some of the DJs were still in the station mixing in club broadcasts and mix shows, notably DJ Presice, who was still doing the Saturday "The Show" block and DJ Rey-Mo Who was mixing on La Kalle during select live club mix broadcasts. On mid-April 2007, the regular La Activaeta Block returned with the same schedule before the Kazzanova-SpinOne switch.

On January 11, 2007 Univision dropped the La Kalle simulcast by flipping 92.7 WZAA to a regional Mexican format. The station is now known as 92.7 Qué Buena. 92.7 was removed from the logo on La Kalle's website.

In an unprecedented decision by station executives in Mid-February 2007, the station started playing more of their old format as opposed to just Reggaeton 24/7. Some of the schedule changes were to blame for this format mix-up. The station aired a mix of Bachata and Salsa, with Reggaeton still being a primary format. These changes had no effect on the mix shows, but DJ Kazzanova played some Bachata/Salsa sometimes during his mix shifts. (not SUBELO Reggaeton Radio, his syndicated Reggaeton show airing on this station.) Also, in a TV advertisement spot, the new format mix was shown when one of the Bachata songs were shown in the ad.

These changes culminated on January 17, 2008 when Luis Jimenez returned to New York airwaves with his nationally syndicated morning show, The Luis Jimenez Show until his cancellation on July 16, 2014 after 7 years 'cause of low ratings. The format was similar to the Latino Mix format that dominated the station before 2005.

On May 19, 2014 Tropical music shifted to Latin Urban music by using "¡Música Urbana y Mucho Más!".

Move to 96.3 FM and Imaging Change:

On July 14, 2009 it was announced that WCAA would move to the 96.3 frequency as a result of Univision radio buying the frequency. As a result, at 8 p.m. on October 8, 2009, classical WQXR-FM moved from 96.3 to 105.9, while WCAA moved to 96.3, dropped the La Kalle name and adopted a new name on October 15. It had been speculated the imaging for the station name would be X96.3 as Univision had registered the domain name X963FM.com as well as requested call letters WXNY from the FCC. In addition, the RDS text data on car radios was displaying "96 X". The station stunted with different genres of Spanish music and liners that pointed to the launch of the new branding, which took place on October 15 at 6 AM. At that time, the station relaunched as X 96.3 with call letters of WXNY-FM, as previously speculated.

Coming soon on HD radio:

96.3 HD1 (X96.3),

96.3 HD2 (WQBU-FM 92.7 La Que Buena),

96.3 HD3 (WADO 1280),


Past concerts:

La Kalle Block Party Concert '05 - September 28, 2005 At The Madison Square Garden In New York City,

Spring Bling Blineo '06 - April 21, 2006 At The Nassau Coliseum In Long Island,

La Kalle Presents: The Jersey Jump-Off June 30, 2006 At The Continental Airlines Coliseum In The Meadowlands In New Jersey.

The concert was moved to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey due to the high capacity of fans.

The concert was postponed on June 30, 2006 due to rain, the concert happened on July 3, 2006,



La Kalle Block Party Concert 2006 - Date: September 23, 2006 - Venue: Madison Square Garden In New York City,

La Kalle's Bling Blineo Concert '07 - June 9, 2007 at Shea Stadium in the Queens Section of New York City,

All shows (except Jersey Jumpoff) were sold out shows.

Canceled concerts:

A La Kalle Kristmas (it is spelled Kristmas, Christmas) (December 14, 2006 at the Madison Square Garden) (canceled, scheduling conflict with Z100's Jingle Ball 2006 concert.)