Some things happen for a reason. What may initially seem like a setback can actually turn out to be a leap forward, as Dark Globe know all too well Back in 2003, a demo of the sledgehammer number that is ‘Break My World’ caught the ear of Island Records top dog who, on the strength of those unmistakable strings, signed them to the major league. A balmy headline slot on Pete Tongs live-from-Miami WMC show in early 2004, simultaneous top-spot hoggings of the Cool Cuts and Buzz Charts and hot Ibizan nights followed. However, big isn’t always better, and the boys were soon to discover that teeny-bopper pop-rockers held more sway at the label than their underground cred. An amicable split followed in the summer of 2005, along with a determination to keep things simple next time around. Theres no stopping the Globes flow though, despite this hiccup the music was coming thick and fast. New vocalist Silja, of Nouvelle Vague fame, as well as collaborations with Televisions Tom Verlaine and old accomplice Boy George, delivered a breath of fresh air and it became clear they needed a suitable outlet for their re-energised musical vision. Global Underground, with its history of dance music pioneers, was an obvious first choice and quickly snapped the boys up a happy beginning all round.