Disco Ruido' is a Mexican electronic-rock band formed in 2006.

Early Years (2006-2007)

Disco Ruido was formed by Julian Placencia with fellow DJs and friends Nariño Tierno and Peto. The band started performing live shows in a similar way a DJ set is made, performing only in night clubs and other social events, and quickly gaining recognition in the electronic scene in Mexico City. The live band consisted of guest vocalists that helped performing the band's remixes to other artists. Since this early stage Victor Piter has been the drummer for their main live show.

In 2007, Bacardi's B-Live tour enlisted Disco Ruido to perform a collaboration show with Elohim Corona from Moderatto. The show resulted in an hour-long DJ set from Julian accompanied by visual arts by Peto, and other guest artists as Tito F from Molotov and Paco Huidobro from Fobia. The show toured most of Mexico's main cities but became impossible to continue due to increasing touring schedules from both Disco Ruido and Moderatto.

In early 2008 vocalist and lyricist Mercedes Nasta joined the band, according to them "she came up to the DJ booth at a nightclub and said that she was the person we needed for the band" after a few rehearsals she officially joined the band for their "2008 MX Beat Festival" performance. Now with more original material the band became a reliable opening act for international artists in Mexico.

Mrs. Love. (2009)

In April 2009, the band released "Mrs. Love", a song based on samples from The Beatles' "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)". The song was released through a campaign called "Love Revolution" which made Disco Ruido the first Mexican band to top The Hype Machine's popularity chart. The song quickly gained controversy and a wide radio airplay becoming the bands first major success. Mexican radio station Reactor 105 listed the song as #4 on their "Best Of 2009" list.

Sistema Solar (2010)

In April 2010, Disco Ruido started work on their first album, Sistema Solar (Solar System) The album comprises the majority of the songs written a with Mercedes in their first year together, each one metaphorically considered a planet, revolving around the track "Sol" ("Sun") which talks about how friendship is the center body anyone needs to spin around. The record focuses around themes like, nature, the cosmos, ancient cultures, and their relationship with modern-age ideas of fear, love and psychosis.