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From: Cuba

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Grunge, Post Punk Revival

Halley is an indie rock band that was born on december 15, 2012, in Cuba. However, they sing in English.

The sound of the band it`s peculiar because thay have an inusual lineup: two grungy guitars, a punky rythm section with the bass and the drums, a very old fashion voice, and a chello making solos instead of the guitars. On some songs they switch the electrics guitar for acoustic guitars, and the sound of the band becomes even older, getting us way back to the 60`s.

When you hear them you can recall bands like: The Strokes, Nirvana, The Beatles, Radiohead, Greg Garing, The White Stripes, and U2.

The oficial lineup remains the same since the beginning: Franklin, as the main voice and rythm guitar; Leonardo, as the lead guitar and backup voices; Alex, as the bass guitar; and Janet, as the chello and backup voices too. There`s no drummer in the main and oficial lineup, because they haven`t found one yet.

They began to record their first album called "Halley", like the band, on january 2013, only fifteen days after the band was made; and the oficial release of the album was made on february 12, 2013, only a month after they began to record the album.

They have the "do it yourself" philosophy from the independent movement: producing and recording all by themselves, in an independent estudio. They made the graphic design of the album, all the songs, all the arrangements, the mix, the mastering, the printing of the artbooks, etc.

Songs of the album:

1 - Anything Else (A very fast and happy song, that makes us recall the old squiffle days)

2 - Nothing Last (A more actual sound, with the beat of the new days)

3 - Universal Chaos Anthem (A statement)

4 - Earth (A cry for our planet)

5 - Somebody Calls For Extermination? (The most depressive song of the album, with a voice full of agony)

6 - Away (A fresh start for the second part of the album)

7 - Singin' In The Rain (An interesting arrangement, a new view of the old song)

8 - Sometimes (The most beautiful song in the album)

9 - Why Can't You See? (The question the band asks to the world)

10 - Lonely Today (An old fashion country song)

11 - Hmm...Deep... (An instrumental piece, with a hidden track in the end)

The album was nominated to the Cubadisco, the most important award for the music albums in Cuba, among hundred of records.