Héctor y Tito were a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo famous for their song "Ay Amor", featuring salsa singer Víctor Manuelle, which was the group's only charted song in the US. They're also famous for their songs "Gata Salvaje" (featuring Daddy Yankee & Nicky Jam), Morena/Baila Morena (featuring Glory & Don Omar) and "Amor de Colegio" (featuring Don Omar).

The duo was composed by:

Hector y Tito started their career in the 90s going by the name of "Los Bambinos" after singing with other reggaeton artists. Together, they released several albums and rose to fame in all Latin America.

However, in 2004 the duo announced they were separating. Since then, they have gone on with their careers separately. Although not really in a tiraera war, their relations have been tense.