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Jo Hikk is a Canadian country music group founded in Calgary, Alberta. This four-piece band is composed of brothers Kelly Sitter (lead vocals, bass guitar) and Kenny Sitter (guitar, ganjo, vocals), Al Doell (drums, vocals) and Don Jorgensen (keyboards, mandolin). Their first album, Ride, was re-released in early 2009. The first single, "Closer", was originally recorded by Thrasher Shiver in 1996 and was a single for Susan Ashton in 1999. It was followed by "Pimp My Tractor." Jo Hikk's third single, "Sweet City Woman", was previously a hit for several other artists, including The Stampeders, Johnny Carver and Ray Griff.

Jo Hikk's second album, The Game, was released in August 2010. A music video was shot on location in Toronto with Warren P. Sonoda for the first single, "The Big Spoon".