Concepción, Chile

Los Bunkers is an alternative rock from Concepción, Chile, formed in 1999 by brothers Álvaro and Gonzalo López, Mauricio Basualto, and brothers Francisco and Mauricio Durán.

They are well known in their country for their contemporary sounds of rock, based on sounds of the '60s, from bands like The Beatles, and also including sounds from their folk roots.

They have released six studio albums, Los Bunkers (2001), Canción de Lejos (2002), La Culpa (2003), Vida de Perros (2005), Barrio Estación (2008), Música Libre (2010). This last is their first album to be released internationally. The group has a live album called simply En Vivo (2007). United initially by their common love for The Beatles, Los Bunkers have shown over the years a growing interest in the composition of Chilean folk roots, especially those working during the '60s movement of the New Chilean Song. Between these two related and creative filter verses revelation valuable emotional debate his music, a rock of the past but undeniable bond developed with rigor and freshness, plus an exceptional flexibility that has allowed them to maintain a healthy pace of edits.

Since the middle of the past decade, it is the Chilean rock group most active in Mexico.

Los Bunkers its one of the three chilean groups that appear on the Festival Lollapalooza Chicago 2011. Also Los Bunkers appear on the Lollapalooza Santiago 2011.