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From: MO, United States

R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae


Poetry In Motion, Unlimited Songwriter and Sex Appeal

Experience the presence of Mija. Rough and ready vocals. Smooth and sensual lyrics. Mija engulfs the listener with a tasty blend of lustrous tracks and passionate vocals with a jagged edge to them. Mija that

effortlessly grabs every ones attention. The ladies love the ST. Louis native son and the brothers appreciate that he musically expresses their thoughts..

The performing song writer Mija began his music career at the sweet innocent age of 6 by learning to play the drums. He grew up in a rough neighborhood called Kinloch in St. Louis Mo. but, chose the right path away from his troubled surroundings.

Mija grew up in a musical household with many aunts, uncles, and cousins who were all multi-talented along with mom and dad singing. He was inspired to the music business early on. Having my mom on the road and watching her practice and perform many shows made me want to be a performer as well. At 10 years of age, Mija started writing songs and

became a self taught DJ and mixed tapes..

My family had a recording studio in the basement and I hung out and learned about the art of making music. Those experiences led him to actively pursue a career as he believes that singers should put their all into perfecting their craft.

Enthralled by his performances Multi-talented Mija spent his teenaged years rapping and singing in a few local groups and as he honed the skills, he learned how to work the crowed. To experience Mija would be to

experience his live performances. In my songs, I say things no one else would say.

Mija is an extraordinary talented and a multi-genius. Song writer, singer, producer and newly found talent of Directing is just among a few god

given gifts in his domain.