Wu-Syndicate is a rap group from Virginia consisting of Joe Mafia, Napolean and Myalansky (who has named himself after the real life gangster Meyer Lansky). They were originally called Crime Syndicate but changed their name to Wu-Syndicate when they signed to Wu-Tang Records and became Wu-Tang Clan affiliates. After debuting on the compilation Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm in 1998, their self-titled debut album Wu-Syndicate was released in 1999 on both Wu-Tang Records and their own label Slot Time Records. The album was, like most releases from Wu-Tang Clan affiliates during this time, moderately successful in sales. Soon after the release there was a dispute of an unknown origin between the group and Wu-Tang Records and the group briefly changed their name to The Syndicate until 2009 with the release of their second official album Grimlenz.

Joe Mafia released his debut solo album This One in 2002 and founded his own label called 58 West Diamond Street Records. Napoleon released his first solo album, Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen in 2007. It features The Clipse, Ghostface Killah and Jim Jones. Myalansky released his first solo album, Drastic Measures in 2008.