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The Nils was a Canadian power pop and punk rock band originating in Montreal, Quebec which produced several releases between 1978 and 1994. The band was founded in 1978 by then 12-year old Alex Soria with his brother Carlos Soria. The band never achieved widespread fame despite critical success and a following amongst other musicians in the genre. "... but what surprises me most is how many I run into, or hear from, who say they loved the Nils or were directly influenced by them. The Goo Goo Dolls, Superchunk, Jawbox, Meat Puppets, Down By Law, Bob Mould and many of the power-pop punk bands(too many to name), all rave about the Nils." History, The Nils started in 1978 and played their first shows in 1980. They recorded a demo, which caught the attention of BYO Records who asked them to record the song "Scratches and needles" for the Something to Believe In compilation. The band broke up shortly afterward but Carlos Soria convinced his brother to keep the band going and joined the group on guitar. The Nils then recorded the song "Call of the Wild" for the Primitive Air Raid compilation on Psyche-Industry Record. The label also accepted to release the band's first EP, Sell Out Young, that they recorded in 1985 using a 3 500 $ loan they got from Men Without Hats singer and founder Ivan Doroschuk. One year later, they released their untitled EP, which would later be known as "Paisley" on Siegfried Records. In 1986, the Nils got an offer from Rock Hotel Records, a subsidiary of Profile Records, and recorded their self-titled LP but in 1988 Rock Hotel went bankrupt and The Nils got into legal problems when the record label wouldn't give them their release forms. The Nils broke up again in 1994, reuniting for some shows in Montreal during the 90's. Alex then moved to Ontario and formed the band "Chino" and released a solo record. In 1994 the Nils released "Green Fields in Daylight", a compilation of early recordings. On December 13, 2004, Alex Soria committed suicide. In 2010, Real Big North Records released an album of unreleased Nils tracks, while Carlos and the other former Nils members started to jam again as the Nils. Band members (incomplete), Alex Soria - guitar, vocals, Carlos Soria - guitar, Alex MacSween - drums, Jean "Johnny" Lortie - drums, Guy "Chico" Caron - bass, Sanjay Mulay-Shah - guitar, Karim Dormeyer - guitar, Eloi Bertholet - drums, Terry Toner - drums