Nu Flavor is a R&B quartet from Long Beach, California consisting of Jacob Ceniceros (baritone), Anthony Dacosta (tenor), Rico Luna (alto), and Frank Pangelinan, Jr. (tenor/lead).

Soon after forming, Nu Flavor found a man by the name of Bruce Johnson, and enlisted him as their manager. Under his direction, they created a cover of Journey's hit song "Open Arms", and eventually the recording found its way to Reprise Records president Howie Klein. After singing a cappella in his office, he signed the group on the spot. Shortly thereafter, Los Angeles KIBB radio night guy, Rick Hummer, was given the group's "Open Arms" demo and began spinning it during his dedication show. The group started calling into KIBB's "Afterhours with Chaka Khan and Rick Hummer" and sang for them, who immediately invited them into the station for their first on-air performance and interview. This gave them a solid launching pad and fan base in Los Angeles.

The group's first album, Nu Flavor, debuted in 1997, launching two gold-certified singles: "Heaven" and "Sweet Sexy Thing". Their second album It's On! appeared two years later, which yielded the hit singles "Sprung", "3 Little Words" and "Beautiful Girl". Since then, the group has had numerous performances, including a free concert at Ypao Beach, Guam.

Pangelinan, a former native of Guam, said he had always wanted to go back home; he finally did in October 2001. His father, Frank Pangelinan, Sr., is also a well known recording artist in Guam.

Nu Flavor was on an episode of Beverly Hills 90210.