port-royal (intentionally written without capitalization and with the "-" between "port" and "royal") is a Genoa, Italy-based electronica and post-rock band formed in the year 2000 by Attilio Bruzzone (Guitar, Keyboards) and Ettore Di Roberto (Piano, Keyboards). Soon after they were joined by Ettore's brother Michele Di Roberto (Drums), Emilio Pozzolini (Keyboards, Sampling), and Giulio Corona (Bass). The band's music emphasizes instrumentals over lyrics; a style resembling other instrumentally focused bands, such as Mogwai and M83.


In the year 2000, childhood friends Attilio and Ettore from Genoa, Italy, decided to form a band during a party. Their first practice session is Ettore's bedroom which had a piano and an acoustic guitar with a TASCAM 4 Track cassette recorder. Months later, Ettore's brother and fellow drum player Michele joins the band and finds a name for the project. More sessions take place in the so called "Saletta" nothing but a basement in the old Genovese city-center. Songs are written and some will be the melodic basis of future tracks, others will be forgotten. Throughout the years the band would experience a shift in band members, but the music would always be the same.

Band members

Current members:

Attilio Bruzzone (Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, Bass and sometimes Vocals) 2000-Present,

Ettore Di Roberto (Piano, Keyboards, Programming and sometimes Vocals) 2000-Present,

Emilio Pozzolini (Samplers, Programming) 2001-Present,

Sieva Diamantakos (Visuals, Videos) 2007-Present,

Michele Di Roberto (Drums) 2000-2005,

Giulio Corona (Programming) 2003-2008