Göteborg, Sweden

Solar Fields is the stage name of Swedish electronic music artist Magnus Birgersson. He has released nine albums, and has also scored all interactive in-game music for the Electronic Arts game Mirror's Edge. Magnus Birgersson was involved in many projects as a teenager, playing drums, various percussion, piano, and keyboards for several bands before launching his own Solar Fields project in 2001 with the album Reflective Frequencies.

His music has been described as electronic ambient, atmospheric, deep, ecstatic, industrial, yet organic.

In 2007 he began composing the in-game score for Mirror's Edge, a first-person action adventure game by Electronic Arts and DICE, released worldwide on 14 November 2008.

The album "Movements" is used as soundtrack for the Indi-game Capsized from the small canadian studio AlienTrap Software in 2011.