The Mono Men were an American garage punk band, based in Bellingham, Washington. Their sound contained elements of grunge (distortion-heavy guitars, sneering vocals), but the Mono Men filtered these through a mimicry of 1960s Washington proto-punk, garage rock bands such as The Sonics.


The Mono Men rose up from the ashes of another Washington band, the Roofdogs. John Mortensen came from the Dehumanizers and Game for Vultures before joining the Mono Men. The band came together in late 1987. They played shows in Europe, Mexico, Japan, Canada, and the United States. They were featured in the Northwest Rock & Roll documentary Hype!. Their albums all received generally positive reviews. The band split in 1998, though in 2006, the Mono Men reunited to play a series of concerts called the "Spanish Attack."


Members of the Mono Men went to the same high school as the Fastbacks.,

In 2006 the Mono Men launched the 5-show "Spanish Attack" tour with shows in Bellingham, WA and various venues in Spain.,


Dave Crider (guitar, vocals),

Ledge Morrisette (bass),

Aaron Roeder (drums),

John Mortensen (guitar, vocals) (from late 1990),

Marx Wright (guitar) (1987-1990)