The Rosebuds are an indie rock/dance/folk band from Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. (They are not the original vocal group the Rosebuds who recorded for George Goldner's Gee Records in the 1950s.) Its current members are Ivan Howard (vocals/guitar/ drums/ bass/keyboards/programming) and Kelly Crisp (vocals/keyboard/drums/guitar/accordion). Billy Alphin had played drums on the album The Rosebuds Make Out, Wes Phillips played drums on the E.P."Unwind", Lee Waters played drums on the record Birds Make Good Neighbors, and Matt McCaughan played the drums on both Night of the Furies and Life Like. Rob Lackey was behind the drum kit during the taping of The Rosebuds Live at the Cats Cradle, a charity only recording sold at to help fight for the prevention of cancer.

Howard and Crisp met while in college in Wilmington, North Carolina, where they formed the Rosebuds and enlisting original drummer Jonathan Bass. Afterward, they moved to nearby Raleigh and joined with drummer Billy Alphin of the band Schooner. Merge Records discovered their demo in early 2003 and released The Rosebuds Make Out as a full-length debut album that October.

Following that recording, Alphin left the group and was replaced by Jonathan Bass for their 2003 touring schedule. The Rosebuds Unwind, an EP with six songs, was released in April 2005, followed by Birds Make Good Neighbors in September. The Rosebuds are now joined by Logan Matheny and Matt McCaughan on drums for shows and tours. In the premiere episode of the series Dirt, during one scene the song "4-Track Love Song" from Birds Make Good Neighbors is played in the background. Their third album, Night of the Furies, was released in April 2007. A fourth full-length, Life Like, was released in Oct. 2008.

In 2007, The Rosebuds covered the Pixies' "Break My Body" for the American Laundromat Records compilation "Dig for Fire - a tribute to PIXIES". Bands OK Go, They Might Be Giants, and British Sea Power also contributed to the project.

In 2008, the band again covered a song for American Laundromat Records. This time it was The Cure's "The Walk" for Just Like Heaven - a tribute to The Cure. The Wedding Present, Dean & Britta, The Brunettes, and The Submarines also contributed to the project.