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Taking his name from the Gilligan's Island character Thurston Howell, III, rapper Thirstin Howl III's rhymes are usually delivered in a nasal tone that veers between braggadocious and melancholic (regardless of his subject matter). He is considered a battle emcee at heart, and as a result, most of his material has an over-exaggerated, almost comic bent to it. His subject matter usually revolves around themes such as guns, women, petty thefts, pickpocketing, shoplifting, mugging and burglary, and always in an absurdly melodramatic style (For example: "Stick you up with a safety pin or lit Roman Candles!" or "These fingers here could pickpocket a grass skirt!"). Also, as a founding member of New York's infamous Lo-Life gang, notorious in the 80s and 90s for only wearing Polo clothing and accessories or other brands of Ralph Lauren clothing that they would boost or steal, he would also include this fashion sense into his raps. He also often raps about his many baby mothers. He has since renounced theft and his later material contains far fewer references to shoplifting. His sense of humour and wit are notable in much of his material. Howl frequently utilizes a Spanglish flow in which English and Spanish words are blended within individual lines. Another characteristic trait of his rhyme style is the use of exaggerated pronunciation to create seeming rhymes among words that are not even near rhymes (e.g. "a socio with illegal negocios / 9 inch nail your coffin after it slowly close / make the Latin language sound similar to that of Portugal/").