From: Australia

Pop, Indie , RnB

A winner with an Honorable mention in the 2017 International Songwriting Competition with her song 'The BattLe Inside'

Tyller is an 18-year-old, up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia with a distinctly unique sound that comes straight from her heart and experiences. She vibes between genres such as pop, folk, indie and RnB,

September 5th saw her release her first EP, 'The BattLe Inside',

With a new sound, inspiring lyrics and melodies that will get you hooked, Tyller has new music on the way!

She has just won the 2017 award with the Australian Songwriters Association for the contemporary pop/dance category with her song the 'BattLe Inside (Fight)'

In the 2017 UK Songwriting Contest Tyller had one song position as a semi finalist and 3 songs as finalists all from her First Ep 'The Battle Inside"

The Unsigned only Music Competition for 2017 also saw her as a semi-finalist for the song the Battle Inside (Fight)