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For the Italian "comune", see Zumpano, Calabria.

Zumpano was a Canadian indie rock group in the 1990s.

The band, whose power pop style resembled such contemporaries as Sloan and The Super Friendz, comprised vocalist/guitarist Carl Newman, keyboardist Michael Ledwidge, bassist Stefan Niemann and drummer Jason Zumpano.

The band formed in 1992 after Zumpano and Ledwidge dissolved their band 'Glee', which they felt was "artistically impure" despite beginning to enjoy some success.

The band signed to Sub Pop Records in 1994, along with fellow Canadians Eric's Trip, Jale and The Hardship Post, as part of the label's shift away from pure grunge rock. They released two albums on the label before breaking up. Newman reemerged in 2000 with The New Pornographers, and Jason Zumpano formed the band Sparrow in 2003 and Attics and Cellars in 2007. Newman and Zumpano have also independently released solo material.