Static Thought is a Progressive Punk band that was formed in 2000 in Richmond, California, by Travis Davant, Eric Urbach, and Charlie Vincent. Static Thought includes Urbach on guitar and vocals, Johaan Hill on bass and vocals, Aaron Younce on guitar and vocals, and Drew Cueva on drums. The band is at the forefront of hardcore and punk music today.

Early years

The band was formed in 2000 by Davant, Urbach, and Vincent, Urbach being only 11 years old. The band met in Middle School and started the band for something to do. The band wrote and self released their first EP "Were Dumb" under this line up. After playing a few shows, Vincent left the band in 2003} and was replaced by Mike Leon. During this period of the band, the band released the now highly sought after EP "Outta Control". Soon after, Vincent rejoined the band on rhythm guitar in 2005}. Soon after his venture back into band Vincent decided to leave and was later replaced by Garcia later that year.

Signing to Hellcat

In 2006, Static Thought Signed to Hellcat Records. That Summer they set out on their first tour with Intro5pect (AF Records). Soon after the tour, the band went into the studio and recorded their first full length "In The Trenches". Soon after in 2007, Leon left the band and was replaced by Hill. The band continued to tour across the US and Canada. In 2008 The band went into the studio and recorded tracks for a split with Societys Parasites, and their highly acclaimed full length "The Motive For Movement". They then headed on extensive touring of Europe, Canada and America. After the extensive touring in 2009, Davant decided to leave the band and was replaced soon after by Drew Cueva.

Current activities

Heading into the new decade the band has begun to work on new songs for a new Full Length album and more extensive touring. In the summer of 2010 A split with wartortle was released on Swamp Cabbage Records. The band headed to the UK for a 10 day tour including a stop at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. For all info on the band visit